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The 3,000-year-old science of Ayurveda connects the food you cook and eat to the inner intelligence of your body.

For twenty years Miriam Kasin Hospodar traveled between three continents, gathering recipes inspired by the age-old Eastern wisdom of Ayurveda. Heaven’s Banquet is the remarkable result of her culinary journey, a definitive sourcebook of healthful and delicious vegetarian cooking. In more than 700 recipes and variations, Heaven’s Banquet draws from a rich palette of international cuisines and shows how to match your diet to you mind-body type for maximum health and well-being.

Using recipes that have been tested in places ranging from a five-star Swiss hotel to a charcoal-filled pit in the Philippines, Hospodar brings us such exotic dishes as Thai Corn Fritters, Asian-Cajun Eggplant Gumbo, Persian-Style Millet with Dried Cherries, Moussaka, Scottish Shortbread, West African Avocado Mousse, and Mocha-Spice Cake with Coffee Cream Frosting. Her recipes will appeal to everyone from the beginning cook to the experienced chef. But Heaven’s Banquet is more than a cookbook. It is an invaluable guide to a holistic lifestyle that will enhance your entire life as it balances your mind, soul, and body. You’ll discover the most effective methods of preparing food, the benefits of eating seasonally for your type, and how to create a diet tailored to your entire family. A special feature of Heaven’s Banquet is its dessert section, which features egg-free cakes, cookies, and puddings. There are also special sections on how to lose weight and control sugar sensitivity, a detailed questionnaire to help you determine your mind-body type, and essential ingredients for a well-stocked Ayurvedic kitchen. Timeless and timely, Heaven’s Banquet shows you how to use food to tap into your body’s intelligence to create lifelong health.



“Heaven’s Banquet stands out among all the other books that take their place on the shelves each year, vegetarian or otherwise. This is a book you can feel great confidence and joy in using.” —Deborah Madison, author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone and Vegetable Literacy.

“Heaven’s Banquet is packed with an astonishing variety of recipes, placed in a global context of cultures, histories, and literatures, knit together by the author’s thoughtful commitment to the Ayurvedic dietary system. Any diet that recommends ‘Eating for Bliss’ is worth exploring in some detail.” —Betty Fussel, author of I Hear America Cooking and Home Bistro

“Hospodar’s heartfelt book is robust, bursting with information and zest.” —Sue Bender, author of Plain and Simple and Everyday Sacred

“Heaven’s Banquet offers the kind of cooking wisdom and inspirational recipes that even I—a reluctant cook at the best of times—will turn to again and again.” —Jennifer Hawthorne, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul