Black Madonna Of Cacao

Kama’s Garden

This is my vision of a celestial garden. Kama is the god of love, so I imagined his garden as being the most romantic. Kama is invisible, (which is why love sneaks up on people unseen.) Therefore, he is not portrayed in the painting. Also, I didn’t want any figures in the painting, so that people can view and wander in the garden by themselves. There is a pavilion with soft pillows in which to to relax, a bench to sit on, and a blanket and umbrella under which to lie. I researched many different flowers. They are not always the same color that they are on earth, and may not be in season or geographically near each other on earth. But this is heaven, where everything can grow together and is eternally in full bloom. The border of blossoms, bees and hummingbirds represents the flower-tipped arrows that Kama shoots at unsuspecting people from a bow with a drawstring of honey bees, causing them to fall in love. The mountain lake with a giant full moon is a shamanic way of entering this upper world. There is a door in the moon as the entryway to the garden from the earthly realm. On the other side of the door, you continue your entry through a bower of roses.


Original painting: 28 x 43”, Gouache, iridescent watercolor

Giclée fine art print: Archival inks on watercolor paper.
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